Remote Working Manifesto

Remote Working Manifesto

We are uncovering better ways to organize the way we work remotely.
In our journey, we consider the following key assumptions.

Freedom, Trust, Transparency, and Ownership are the foundations of remote working.

We value life-work balance, and remote working doesn't mean being always available: organize your work time for a more balanced life.

We should never forget we are working with human beings. Building relationships is an essential part of our life and work, and technology can bring us closer: it's up to us to use it well.

We value environmental sustainability, and we strongly believe in remote working as a long-term solution for stopping the overpopulation of urban areas and the decay of rural ones.

Forcing people to commute wastes energy: reduce your daily carbon footprint.

Forcing people to commute wastes time: live where you want, and spend your time with your loved ones.

Value is produced by achieving results, not by spending time at the office: reaching goals are more important than 9 to 5.

We value asynchronous communication, achieved with the most convenient tools. It doesn't matter where or when your work happens: more flexible working hours will make the team happier and produce higher quality results.